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December 20th 2022


This collection of the demo (plus some rare tracks) that re-united the band in 1999, was a cool project we started before Covid hit us all, with the Dutch Label Vic Records. Sadly it was basically on ice for two years and could not get released early this year cause the new album "Diabolical" came out.
High Roller Records and Darkness Shall Rise Productions had similar problems with production delays and push backs this year with our long time planned anniversary boxes.
Nevertheless this rare song collection is FÌNALLY OUT NOW as limited CD, Vinyl and Cassette on VIC RECORDS! We are celebrating our anniversary with full force - cheers for your support & understanding !!!  
VIC Records has SUPER FAIR prices and HIGH ROLLER is also offering to reserve their boxes and pay later, as we all know the amount of releases that came together now is a bit overwhelming for the fans.
Link to order "THE BUTCHER STRIKES BACK" on VIC RECORDS in comments! ☠️☠️☠️