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April 5th 2021


Today is a great day, just 3 days before the release of “Diabolical” we have a new video-clip for you maniacs! This one hits a bit more groovy & with a killer riff, go check out the brand-new video for the new single “REPENT YOUR SINS”.
Singer & bassplayer SCHMIER explains the controversial topic of the new video: „The music & the song itself, shows the more groovy part of the new record, I love the diminished riff and the way Randy grinds the beat into your head! This will be an awesome LIVE track for sure! The lyrics of “Repent dour Sins” are about the history of abuse in the catholic church! A rather tragic and sad part of human history, that is still covered by our governments. It seems the laws that count for all of us, do not apply for servants of the church. UNREAL INJUSTICE!“
"The video itself tries to show the soul torment of the culprit. To live with your dirty deeds but pray about love and kindness can not be justified and needs to be accused, named, remembered and wiped out!”